Traveling Through Tropes

My favorite genre of films is horror. Growing up as a kid, I always loved watching horror films. I always enjoyed the suspense, the frightening storyline, and the jump scares. I love horror movies with jump scares, because it creates a suspense and surprises you. So, because of my interest in horror films, I chose a trope relating to the horror genre. The trope I ended up picking is Abandoned Hospitals.


Many of my favorite movies are based upon abandoned hospitals. I was always scared of hospitals as a kid and seeing them all dark and scary in the movies really frightened me. In addition, the thought of being stuck in a dark building and the fact that you’re being chased, really scares me. Being trapped in an abandoned hospital building means that whatever is chasing you can appear in a jump scare at any given time, keeping you on the edge of your seat and always feeling a sense of suspense throughout the movie. Also movies that occur in mental asylums scare me, because you don’t know what to expect from these asylums. People with mental issues, who are in asylums, are often crazy and would do horrible and violent things. Abandoned hospitals also create a feeling of isolation. When a character is stuck in a abandoned hospital, they have no one to help them and aren’t able to call for help. Many older, real life ‘abandoned hospitals’ in the U.S were properly called sanatoriums, and have probably contributed to the trope imagery. Their abandonment was sometimes related to loss of funding or new prohibitively expensive fixing due to new government regulations.

Below is one of favorite horror films in an abandoned hospital: Crazy Eights



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