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Expectations vs. Reality

We make judgements and predictions, about situations, based on movies and other sources of information.   However, most of the time, these situations are fictional and often mislead us. What we expect out of a situation almost never happens. This what lead us to the Expectations vs. Reality. For example, during spring break, people expect to go out and hang out with their friends. They create all these plans to go to the beach and explore different cities. They plan on going to parties and overall just being active and productive during spring break. Most of the time, they often end up just sleeping a lot and watching movies and shows on netflix eating ice cream.

Below is a link to a video about Expectations vs. Reality on going back to school:

Back to School Expectations vs Reality

Sometimes things go better than what you expect. I thought I was gonna spend spring break at home, and maybe have some friends over. However my friends made late plans to go to Vegas and have fun. So Saturday morning, me and my friends drove down to Las Vegas and we rented 4 hotel rooms for the 8 of us. Everyday we went out and explored the city, as it was super active during the night. Overall it ended up being one of most memorable experiences of my life. It just goes to show that things never go the way you expect it to. Sometimes things go better than you thought it would, and sometimes you just end up doing nothing, and bored.

Below is a picture of a Lamborghini we saw at Vegas: